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Inverted Nipple Surgery

Inverted Nipple correction, also known as inverted nipple surgery, nipple enhancement, or inversion repair, is a surgical procedure to correct the appearance of the nipples and chest area by increasing the projection of the nipples.

Inverted nipples is most often a congenital condition, where the nipples invert more than they protrude. While this condition rarely poses health issues, it can significantly impact your emotional wellbeing, prevent you from breastfeeding and even cause intimacy issues.

This procedure can occasionally be paired with other types of breast surgery, such as breast augmentation, but not with breast reduction or breast lift. In these situations, it is safer to perform the nipple procedure at least 6 months before, or after, a breast reduction/lift. This ensures that the blood supply to the nipple has not been compromised. We can help you to achieve breast symmetry while maintaining functionality and sensation in the area.

Reasons to Correct Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can be congenital or develop over time for a few different reasons. This condition is not uncommon and occurs in both men and women. Patients seek treatment for this condition due to the appearance of their nipples or if they have had trouble breastfeeding.

There are three grades of nipple inversion, based on the level of severity:

Grade 1:
This is the mildest form of inversion, where the nipples can be manipulated to protrude. Patients at this level generally do not require surgery.

Grade 2:
At this moderate level of inversion, the nipple can be manipulated to protrude temporarily using stimulation or suction. 

Grade 3:
This is considered the most severe level of nipple inversion, where the nipple remains buried in the areola and surgery is required to rebalance the muscle pull.

Inverted Nipple surgery may be right for you if your nipples are always inverted, or are significantly different in appearance. Nipple enhancement surgery will increase the projection of the nipple, creating a more natural appearance.

Nipple Enhancement Procedure

This procedure can generally be completed as day surgery in our office. It takes under one hour. It can be performed under a local anaesthetic or under sedation. The procedure often achieves long-lasting results. Dr Alexandra Turner will tailor a treatment and procedure plan based on your individual condition and concerns. 

The details of the procedure will depend on the degree of nipple inversion. It commonly involves just a small incision at the base of the nipple. Dr Alexandra Turner will determine the best approach during your pre-surgery consultation and will ensure you fully understand the procedure that will be conducted, as well as your steps for recovery, any risks and possible complications.

We understand the personal nature of this issue, and we make every effort to ensure you feel comfortable at every step of the process.

Recovery after Inverted Nipple Surgery

After your procedure, you will receive specific instructions on post-operative care, including how to care for the site of the surgery, how to reduce the chances of infection and when to follow up with us. We will also give you information regarding specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health.

Recovery time varies between individual patients, but most people can resume normal activities within one to two days however swelling may persist for up to several weeks. We use dissolvable stitches which do not need to be removed.


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