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Labiaplasty (labia reduction surgery)

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce, reshape and recontour the most intimate area of a woman’s body. Women choose to have labiaplasty for a range of reasons, both cosmetic and to relieve physical and psychological discomfort. For many patients, labiaplasty or labia reduction surgery can have life-changing results.

Reasons to have Labiaplasty

Women choose to have labiaplasty surgery to change the shape or reduce the size of the labia for cosmetic or functional reasons. 

Some women experience pain or discomfort because of the size or shape of their labia when wearing tight clothing, exercising or during sexual intercourse. Other women are unhappy with the appearance of their labia and want a smaller, neater appearance. Childbirth can also take a toll on a woman’s vagina, and women sometimes seek a ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ to restore the youthful appearance of their pre-baby body. 

It is important to acknowledge that the appearance of the labia varies widely between women. There is no single “normal” appearance of the female genitalia. For example, it is not abnormal for the labia minora, the inner lips, to protrude outside the labia majora, the outer lips. Dr Turner will explain the full range of what is anatomically normal to you at your initial consultation. 

Labiaplasty procedure

Labiaplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation, is performed in the doctors’ medical clinic as a day procedure either under sedation or local anaesthetic, to ensure your comfort.

Before your procedure, Dr Turner will undertake an examination and discuss your expectations of the surgery and what outcomes you would consider ideal. She will then create an individualised plan for your surgery and explain the risks and potential complications to you.

There are several approaches to reduce the size and change the shape of the labia, and the surgeon will discuss them with you. The most common methods are removing a V-shape wedge from one more area of the labia minora, trimming the labia minora, or combining the two. The labia are reconstructed using very fine stitches, which are all dissolvable. 

Recovery after surgery

Recovery from labia surgery is different for everyone, and the timeframe will vary depending on your overall health and various lifestyle factors. After your surgery, you will be provided with detailed post-surgery care instructions and a supply of dressings to use over the following days. 

It is important to give your body time to heal, so we recommend you rest for a few days after your labiaplasty procedure. You should shower the day after your surgery and gently wash the area with neutral liquid soap.

Bruising and swelling in the area is normal and should resolve after a few days. You should be able to resume light day to day activities after a week, gym and exercise after four weeks and sexual intercourse after six weeks.

You will attend check-ups with Dr Turner during the recovery period to ensure your recovery is on track and no complications are developing. Our team is here to support you and ensure you make a swift recovery and return to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible after your labiaplasty.

Book a consultation with Dr Turner to have a discussion about the outcomes you want to achieve through Labiaplasty. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


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